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Patricia Seybold Group Analyst Report: Creative Virtual V-Person™

Get a comprehensive review of the V-Person technology.

The Patricia Seybold Group, a strategic advisory service for customer-centric executives, evaluated our V-Person technology against a rigorous set of customer focused criteria important to organizations that want to improve customer experience, increase brand loyalty and reduce customer support costs.

The detailed, 32-page report outlines:

  • How the company’s V-Person and V-Portal™ technology can easily deploy virtual agents on the web, mobile, and social channels.
  • How a V-Person can consistently and accurately answer customers’ questions through natural-language-based conversations.
  • Why large B2C and B2B organizations and city governments should implement Creative Virtual’s technology to add cross-channel virtual assisted-service to their customer service application portfolio.
  • How Creative Virtual lowers the cost to-serve while increasing overall customer satisfaction.

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